Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Oh yeah, I'm Engaged!

Ryan proposed & I said yes!

Started this new blog to document our engagement... and maybe i'll use it to document the rest of our lives together, idk!

Saturday, August 31, 2013


I did it!

I graduated with my BSW on August 9, 2013.
I started grad school on Tuesday.
So many things in my planner already, but I'm excited!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

end of summer 2013

So, summer "break" is almost over, my internship is almost over, my undergraduate career is almost over.

Tomorrow, I start my new job and I start grad school in a month. I really just cannot wait to graduate with my BSW and get his MSW thing knocked out.

Today I spoke at a pro-life event for teens in Blanco. It was SO fun! Ryan went with me and we had a great time. The youth were awesome and the other speaker - David Bereit, exec director of 40 Days for Life - was just phenomenal. It was a great experience!

Anyways, I've been so busy with my Etsy store, photography, internship, and schoolwork to update in a while, so I'll throw some pictures at ya.

Monday, June 24, 2013

summer 2013

What have I been up to this summer?

  • 40 hours a week of an unpaid internship
  • 3 hours of class every other week in San Marcos
  • Living at Ryan's parents' house in the extra bedroom
  • Lots of crafting
  • I started an Etsy shop
  • I became a Spurs fan!
  • Hanging out with Ryan when he isn't studying for the MCAT
  • Bought my first non-twin-size bed. Queen life.
  • Applying for millions of jobs
  • Pranking Kyle back and forth
  • I am hooked on sno-cones (Kyle happens to work there)
  • I am taking baby steps to rejuvenate my spiritual life
  • Said "see ya lata" to Fr. Brian, our wonderful Priest
  • Got asked to speak at a teen pro-life event next month
  • Convinced Ryan to try out yoga with me in the evenings (it's hilarious)
  • and I'm really just trying to rest as much as possible. TIRED!
Welp, we leave for MI for 5 days next week and I can't wait. That's it. Oh yeah, Ruby is the cutest thing ever still and she is crawling and standing up and almost walking. So advanced. 

my etsy shop!

bye Fr. Brian :(

Hello Cutie Ruby!


Gonna be real with y'all in this quick post. The past few days I have been more in tune with pro-life happenings than I have been in the past month or two combined. Aside from life being busy, which I recognize it always will be, I think separation from Bobcats For Life sunk in when I left San Marcos and I am feeling more free. Ignorance is bliss? Perhaps... but the knowledge that cannot be unknown will always disrupt that bliss. As far as I wander or run from advocacy, my heartstrings tie me to those vulnerable little ones. Following SB5 has been like riding a rollercoaster. Hoping this passes. It would be so life giving.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


It's interesting to reflect on my spiritual/religious journey. As a child, I remember thinking that Jesus' tomb was the confessional room... and somehow missed the whole "the Eucharist is the literal body of Christ" thing until I was 14. Even now, my faith life is evolving, as I expect it always will. From knowing little to knowing more, believing lots and believing less, it's always in motion one way or another. A perfect example is the moral conflict I experienced most summers between 2006-2011... are bikinis okay?! This has been mostly solved by the fact that I just think one pieces are more flattering, really. It's interesting how at one point in a person's life a belief can be so strong and certain, only to later be shaken and questioned.

So where am I now? I recognize some of these stages in my memories and journals. Stage 4: "individuality vs. membership in a group," I think that's where I am. I think I've been growing a lot the past few years; growing in different ways than I might've predicted when I graduated high school, but positive growth. Do I believe these things? Why do I believe this? Do I want to be a part of this group? All questions I've had to ask myself the past few years as I've come to understand more about people and justice. Though I once made statements like, "you can't be Catholic and pro-choice," I see now that, yeah... you can... and people do. You can't be fully in line with Church doctrine - I mean obviously, and I don't think pro-choice Catholics would even argue that - but you are still a Catholic. I see the areas where my heart and the heart of the Church don't overlap and I have to think can I accept these differences? Will the Church accept these differences? The conclusion I come to every time is yes. Maybe I see Jesus too much as a hugger, a friend, and a forgiver, and maybe he's more of a hall-monitor-citation-giving type... but as I try to (re)discover who He is, I'm going to opt for the hugs.

It's funny how you can love someone (I'm talking Jesus, not Ryan) for so long and then one day realize you have no idea who they are and why you love them. As I'm writing this, it feels really raw, but it also feels therapeutic. I remember having a true and genuine understanding of loving Jesus and instances of feeling so loved by Him, but now I can't quite comprehend. No matter how many miracle-stories or "God moments" I remember, it doesn't unlock that cynical door to my heart. I remember giving friends advice and praying fervently for things and talking about God to youth at Church, but now I just don't do that. For someone who doesn't mind sharing openly about herself, even saying the name "Jesus" regarding my spiritual life and prayer life just makes me feel so vulnerable and teary. I've never felt like that before, it is odd.. I used to love talking about it all, but now... something has shifted. I almost feel too busy to dedicate time to rediscovering myself and digging deeper into my ever-evolving belief system, but something needs to give soon.

Funniest thing is that I don't dare share these vulnerable thoughts with people because:
1. Catholics at school would've tried to get me to join a (omitted sarcastic description) Bible study. Been there, done that. It's not what I need and it's not the environment I need. Making people your mission is not the kind of Gospel sharing I like.
2. Protestants I know would think that this stage I'm in is all because Catholicism is wrong and they would try to save me or would make wrong assumptions about the Church, and I'm not about that life
3. It just seems like a lot to deal with, and I have a full time internship

A survey I thought might help me to complete:
1. Why is there poverty and suffering in the world?-Poverty and suffering are a result of free will and greed. The vulnerable are only made more vulnerable with poverty, while the rich get richer. It really doesn't seem fair though, does it.
2. What is the relationship between science and religion?
-Science and religion can coexist. Religion encompasses the supernatural, which sometimes science cannot reach.
3. Why are so many people depressed?
-Well there's lots of reasons.... suffering, poverty, mental illness, unemployment, broken heart, I mean... I could go on forever.
4. What are we all so afraid of?
-Failure? Death? Not having done anything to leave behind a legacy? Not being "enough."
5. When is war justifiable?
-When one party endangers the majority, but the innocent must be spared.
6. How would God want us to respond to aggression and terrorism?
-Peace treaties, loving one another, relinquishing greed
7. How does one obtain true peace?
-Searching for God
8. What does it mean to live in the present moment?
-I think about taking deep breaths and turning off your cell phone
9. What is our greatest distraction?
-our selves. We are so absorbed in ourselves that we can't see each other.
10. Is current religion serving its purpose?
-In some ways yes, the charitable ways. In other ways, war and hate speech and dividing nations, no.
11. What happens to you after you die?
-Peace and reunion with loved ones and Jesus in heaven
12. Describe heaven and how to get there.
-I think everyone goes. I don't think anyone would truly know God, have the opportunity to understand and know God, that they would be so evil to truly reject goodness. People are abused and conditioned to be evil, but I don't blame their soul for their wrongdoings completely. God is forgiving.
13. What is the meaning of life?
-To love others and experience the love God has for us
14. Describe God.
-kind, forgiving, gentle, patient
15. What is the greatest quality humans possess?
16. What is it that prevents people from living to their full potential?
-doubt, lack of resources (emotional, financial, physical)
17. Noverbally, by motion or gesture only, act out what you believe to be the current condition of the world.
18. What is your one wish for the world?
-That everyone could feel safe and no one would hurt anyone
19. What is wisdom and how do we gain it?
-wisdom is what is learned from experience
20. Are we all one?


I guess now I just will go with the flow. I'm really fine. Just needed to vent this!

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Ryan graduated summa cum laude from Texas State University yesterday with Bachelors of Sciences degrees in Biochemistry and Mathematics.

I'm a little bit proud!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013


I have never thought of myself as someone who brags, but I brag on Ryan to my friends a lot. I mean, there is a lot to brag about. Yesterday I got to see him win such a special award and I am just so proud of him.

I can't say that I fully understand some of the things on his resume, but I have gotten a better grasp of it after yesterday, I think. Student Foundation is an organization that Ryan has been a member of for 3 years, having a leadership role for 2 of those years. Honestly, I still barely understand Student Foundation. They have a few events that I recognize, but beyond planning a few events I always felt like there were just so many meetings. Clearly I'm missing something or maybe I was just jealous that StuFo stole Ryan away from me for a few hours a week! From my outsider perspective, and from playing games on his phone and therefore seeing e-mail and text pop-ups and getting into about StuFo news that way, I saw Ryan being so professional, helpful, and kind even in a group text. Believe me, I've been a passive aggressive party in a group text before; people back out and bail on you and it feels good to make those little jabs like "Well okay, since none of you all decided to do X-task, I will set aside everything I have going on and do it all by myself." One thing I love about Ryan is that he doesn't say little bitchy things like that to people like I do. Even though sometimes - not StuFo necessarily - situations will arise and I'm like, "OMG Ryan are you kidding me? This person is dumb as rocks and CANNOT spell- they screwed up, it's their own fault, this isn't your responsibility, etc.," I love that Ryan doesn't listen to my snarky advice (most of the time...okay 99% of the time...) and he maintains his professional kindness with others.

Did that make sense? You know, people talk all about character and stuff when it comes to leadership. I'm just like don't be a jerk and don't take advantage of people and get stuff done. Ryan accomplishes all three of those things. That's why I think he's a good leader.

Anyways, last night Ryan and I went to the awards ceremony for an organization called Stelos Alliance. From what I understand, it is an organization that seeks to award scholarships to student leaders. Like I said, I don't always fully understand the things on Ryan's resume completely. Going into the event, Ryan and all of the other award recipients knew that they would win a scholarship of some kind, but did not know which scholarship or for what amount. Some scholarships were $500, some more, and one scholarship was $5,000. Obviously the biggest scholarship was saved for last, so the night went on and one by one all of the recipients were called up to be honored for their leadership and service to their fellow students. There were six students left when, by some mistake, the pictures of five students flashed up on the screen to receive a Student Foundation scholarship. It happened so fast, but everyone saw and laughed. I wasn't quite sure how everything worked, but Ryan's face was not among those five. My first thought- Did Ryan win the final scholarship? My next thought- wait... so is Ryan not receiving a scholarship? I will say a third time that I don't completely understand all of these organizations and things. So we waited and, apparently Ryan knew at that point he won. For some reason, when they called him up there, my eyes got watery. Well, I wasn't going to cry because that would be weird, but I was so proud of Ryan. The president of the organization awarding the scholarship shared some wonderful details about Ryan that, in my opinion, only barely scratched the surface of what a kindhearted, worthy, and deserving individual Ryan is, and he also called Ryan by the wrong name once (which was funny/awkward/funny). I felt so proud to look up there and see RG  in his sharp tan suit and gold eBay tie I ordered from China for $4 last week (LOL). He stood so tall and maintained his usual humble nature as he stood next to someone showering him with praises and affirmations. It was so special.

The scholarship, the Bill Hogue Memorial Scholarship, was created after a TX State student, Bill Hogue, was tragically killed 6 weeks after his graduation in 1988. A lot of sentimental thoughts about Bill were shared last night and he sounds like he was really a wonderful man. Ryan has a lot in common with him, I believe- both well liked by their peers, both always worked, they both loved the Square, they both were members of StuFo, and they both were involved in the Catholic Student Center despite all of their responsibilities in organizations, in school, and at work. How rare that someone can accomplish so much and maintain a giving spirit and cultivate their spiritual life in such a way? Or perhaps that is how they both managed to do so much- having their faith be a central part of their lives in states of such chaos that is college life. I wish they had mentioned this connection last night because that was the most wonderful part of it, in my opinion. I'm sure that the alliance was aware of that connection and I hope that they realize what a special bond that is between the two men.

I didn't think I would be so touched or would be so overwhelmed with pride after something like last night, but I am just so proud. Okay, better study for my test that's in 20 min!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Grad School!

I was accepted to the Masters of Social Work program at TX State on Tuesday. Really happy! I honestly didn't think I would get in, not sure why.

I will graduate with my Bachelors of Social Work on August 9, 2013 and my Masters of Social Work in August 2014. Wow. Not long til I'm Sarah Ryan, LMSW. So crazy.

It feels SO amazing to have plans for the fall. This whole year has just been a guessing, waiting, hoping, praying, and wondering game. The sense of relief I had upon reading my acceptance e-mail Tuesday night was overwhelming.

I just have 1 paper and 3 finals left until I'll be done with this semester and onto my internship this summer at an agency for foster children ages 0-22. Then I'll officially be done with undergrad.

My experiences in Bobcats For Life the past 4 years and other pro-life activities have been so beneficial to my development as a culturally competent and compassionate social work student. Very grateful for all of the learning opportunities I have been granted through pro-life involvement.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

hopes for the future

To my future children,

I hope you never have to live in a world filled with fear. I hope you can run and you can dance and you can participate with no consequence for your innocence. I hope you feel safe at home and that your home is the world. I hope you see a time when different cultures start conversations, not wars. I hope that basic rights are given to all, but if not, that you see to it that they are. I hope you feed the hungry, but I hope more that there is no more hunger. I hope that peace isn't a dream for you. I hope you can have that "tucked into bed" feeling of safety when you're in a crowd, when you're alone, and when it's dark outside. I hope you are delicate and strong; I hope you are breakable, but no one would break you. I hope you don't have to find yourself drowning beneath your covers from the world's intolerance and hate. I hope I can start making life better for you today.

-your future mother

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Life is Busy

Life update:

I just got back from spring break in Cancun with Ryan's family. Nice vacation! It's been 4 years since I finished up 5 years of Spanish, but I realized I retained way more than expected. It was really fun to talk with the resort staff and get to know the bartenders and talk with them in Spanish. I read Silver Linings Playbook on the beach in 2 days. It was great. Spending so much time with RG was great, too!

I got to take some pictures of this 6 month old bundle of beauty in the bluebonnets yesterday. She is the sweetest.

life is just happening so fast. Friends are graduating, getting engaged, getting married, planning to have babies, having babies, and every other life change just left and right. Ryan graduates in 46 days. I start my summer internship in 49 days - or less. I graduate with my Bachelor of Social Work degree in 137 days. Life is just coming up fast and I have no idea what I will be doing in 138 days. Worried? No. Stressed? YES. Will holding Ruby for half an hour make the stress go away? absolutely.

Anyways, I keep having really existential moments with myself while I'm on my mail route (you know I'm a mail man, right?) and one of these days I will start writing like an actual pro-life blogger on here again. I am sad when I try to look back on my old journals or this blog and find a big gap without any entries. How am I supposed to remember what April 2011 was like if there are no pictures or rants to reflect on? Ya know? So hopefully soon, between papers and finals and baby showers and weddings and bridal showers and figuring out what the hell I'll be doing and where the hell I'll be living come August 9, I will give my future self something to look back on.

Quick pro-life blurb: Bobcats For Life distributed 1,200 cupcakes on campus last week for Down Syndrome Awareness Day. So proud. Admittedly, it is nice to be out of a leadership position. Hadn't really experienced an event without responsibility yet, and I'm not going to lie... it was nice. This picture is of the 3 wonderful women who are running Bobcats For Life now (plus Kyle, my boyfriend's little brother/B4L treasurer!). I am already blown away by their work! They are as passionate as they are fashionable (as you can tell from this picture, they totes are.).

Oh and p.s. I'm doing okay since my last post about Mimi. It's been hard but I have been healthy. Since Mimi's passing, I have been trained as a hospice volunteer. Feels like a really cyclical way to give back to her, though she was fortunate enough to never need hospice services. She was such a fortunate lady. Miss her everyday. Not going to start thinking/writing about her because I'm done crying for the day (after Fr. Brian announced he was being reassigned! TEARS IN MASS.). A little disappointed in myself for not keeping up with my Mimi Memories blog as much as I'd hoped. I think I have, on some level, tried not to think about her as much as I am naturally inclined to because, well, it was just really hard for a while. Hope that as the healing process continues I will begin posting those memories again - for my own sake and the sake of my children one day so they can know more about this classy lady that I will always tell them about.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


My grandma Mimi passed away yesterday. I am truly heartbroken and trying to find ways to manage & process the grief and the loss. I won't be posting here too much for a while.

I loved my grandma and she loved me. I miss her so much already.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

March For Life happiness

We went to the March For Life last week, as mentioned in my previous post, and had a great time. When I say "we" I mean Bobcats For Life. However, I think the part of the weekend that was most special for me was just getting to share it with Ryan. I mean, he is a part of Bobcats For Life, but having him there as my boyfriend and my best friend, not just as a member of the organization, was special to me. He visited me in DC when I was there for the NRL Academy so it was nice to be back there together again.

Ryan is so special to me. When we arrived on Thursday night, we were both experiencing some pretty bad ear discomfort. I felt pretty stressed out and now in pain from ear issues and I kind of just wanted to go to bed and wake up again feeling great. Unfortunately, the night continued to be stressful with the 8 of us trying to find food in the cold at 11 p.m. and my hearing slowly fading away. Once we all got back to the hotel after dinner, I just couldn't handle the pain in my ears. It was just so terrible; it wasn't the normal airplane ear discomfort. Ryan stayed by my side throughout my whole ordeal. He went with me down to the lobby so I could cry without worrying about waking up anyone in the room. He searched on Google for cures (which, by the way, are bullshit. Yawning? nope. Gum chewing? tried it. Plugging your nose and blowing? don't want permanent ear drum damage.) and sat there with me as I cried and cried and used up a box of tissues from my tears and runny nose. He called his mom for motherly advice at 2 a.m. when my mom didn't answer (she did later, to her credit.). He searched online for a 24 hour clinic, but to no avail. He talked me through it all. Honestly, he handled himself like a social worker would. I recognized in him some listening and reflecting skills that I'd read about in my textbook that day. At the end of the night, after lots of phone calls to my insurance company's 24 hour nurse hotline and to our moms and a can of ginger ale, I ended up taking melatonin & ibuprofen and falling asleep on some hot hands. I woke up the next morning feeling so much better. I was so grateful for the care that Ryan provided me, despite how tired he was from such a long and exhausting day of travel and his own ear discomfort. How lucky am I.

The next morning was the Holocaust museum and the Rally. Before the rally, Ryan went with me to visit National Right to Life's office. I hadn't been back since the Academy and, even though I don't really have a relationship with anyone that was there that day, it just felt nice to go back into that building where I spent such a wonderful summer. This is where I got to be reunited with one of my Academy sisters- Erin (pictured above)! It was one of those dramatic "see each other from afar and run up" hugs. It felt so wonderful to see one of the girls in person after 1.5 years of staying so close through our online thread. I really feel so close to these wonderful women, even if we are all across the country doing so many different things. It is so great to be a part of a group of women and be the least lovely. I don't know if that makes sense, but these ladies are all just so much better than me, in that they all just make me want to go do good and be patient and respond to crises with prayer and not with angry emails. They have provided me with so much kind and thoughtful counsel since we met and I am just so lucky to have them to lift me up from this bitter & impatient place I feel like I have fallen into. How lucky I am to be the worst of us and to be able to benefit from so much grace that they share with me.

The Rally was great. It was so much better than the rally in 2011. Seriously. I was really actually inspired by some of the speakers, namely (and surprisingly) Senator Santorum. I didn't think he would really go the emotional route; I thought it would be more of a political speech than a personal testimony. It was really nice.  The thing that everyone from our group mentioned feeling inspired by was just the sense of being surrounded by so many people with a similar passion for protecting life. Sometimes I feel so exhausted, almost like swimming upstream, fighting this battle... but in this whole crowd, it's like you're just swept away by all the supporters. It's nice to just go with the flow; it feels safe in a way to just be able to let your guard down and not worry about having to fight for a little bit. I didn't see a single protester. I did hear some cray guy protesting the Cardinal that spoke.... but that was a really inappropriate time for that little outburst. Sad part of the March was that the whole reason we flew out to DC from Texas was to March for Life... and only 3 out of 8 of us actually finished the March. Everyone got too cold (and I don't blame em! I couldn't have lasted much longer.) and ended up going indoors to museums. I think 2 more might have finished the March after warming up. It was just a bummer we couldn't all march together. Oh well! Got to run into a friend who is now with the Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist while on the march! It was a beautiful surprise. So lovely to see her looking so happy.
The rest of the weekend was great. Ryan and I did a lot of fun things together during free time. We got to meet up with a friend of mine who just graduated from Baylor and had moved to the city 4 days prior. It was so much fun meeting her & her roommate; we had a wonderful time! It was beautiful to see snow on the ground, an old friend's face, and Ryan in his winter hat. So many wonderful sights to see - and I don't even mean the monuments or museums. The bouncer at the bar we went to was playing Angry Birds so we talked about that for a while (just wanted to remember this hilarious moment in years to come). We also went to a bar we had found on Yelp a few weeks back and were so excited to see that the drinks were as awesome as the reviews suggested (Stan's Restaurant, folks!).
The next day, Ryan and I went to the Students for Life of America conference. I felt a little old for it, to be honest. After spending so much time in this movement as a college student, it just felt like stuff I had already heard a hundred times and also stuff I didn't think was relevant. Had a social worker conscience twinge when some guy - who I obviously didn't enjoy because I don't even remember his name - went on some rant about how the "COEXIST" bumper stickers are evil. Well, I'll rant about how wrong he is another day, but I wasn't going to sit there and have my soul cry from listening to such ignorance so Ryan and I went to check out the booths and I got to meet some sweet ladies from Feminists for Life. I think that was the highlight of the conference for me. We didn't stay the whole time. I do think it is a good experience for high schoolers and college students that are new to the movement and want to be in the pro-life movement with a very religious emphasis. I, however, am not about that. Another post on that someday. lolz. I appreciated the opportunity to attend though. It was inspiring to see so many teens gathered in one room for life.

That night, we went to the Basilica for Mass. Only bummer is that by the time we got there, the place was packed & standing room only.... and it was HOT. I felt really faint and couldn't stay in the main church area with all that heat, so I went downstairs to my favorite spot in the whole place. The chapel of Our Lady of Brezje. Something about this place has drawn me in since the first time I was there in January 2011. I ended up praying there after traveling 1,500 miles from San Marcos to D.C. only to run into the person who hurt me more than I'd ever been hurt before and had not seen in 6 months. What were the odds of that? I'd say close to slim. But after that chance/freak encounter I remember feeling so shaky and uneasy. Gosh, when I saw this person I honestly felt like I was in a bad dream. I immediately whispered to Reese, "he's here" and she knew exactly what I meant. I ended up speaking to this person - civilly, as considering unposted circumstances, there wouldn't have been a way for me to speak to him uncivilly - and walking away. That was the last time I saw him. Shaken from an unexpected trip to a dark time from the previous summer, I went wandering around the lower church to look at the chapels. There were hundreds of people down there for overflow seating from the upper church. People were in almost every chapel, praying or looking or taking pictures, but this one was empty... and it has always been empty everytime I have been there. I remember kneeling there and crying and feeling comfort in the fact that I had no one around to ask if I'm okay or try to talk to me. I remember just wanting to cry. The wall on the right had a quote engraved in it that may have been chiseled in the marble just for me in that moment:
and I kind of understood that the whole experience maybe just needed to happen. God needed me stuck in overflow seating and needed that person to be across the country in the lower church wearing that ensemble standing with that group of his colleagues - to prevent an uncivil discourse or tears on my part, perhaps - for me to have some kind of closure? I don't know. I just know that I cried in this chapel and I love this quote and that was probably the last day he really had much of a hold over me in a destructive way.
It felt really therapeutic to be back in this chapel almost exactly 2 years later knowing that I am free from the fear and insecurity caused by that person. It was wonderful to know that upstairs at Mass was my Ryan, a man who respects me and loves me and would never treat me the way I'd been treated by this person. I don't think I usually get this person on this blog- oops! I don't think I've written very explicitly about this person and I think this will be the only time I delve into that, but it is over and I am loved and I am respected and I am happy. I love that chapel and the chance to kneel there and pray. I haven't been praying enough lately; it is a problem. This is the prayer of Our Lady of Brezje:

Mary, Help of Christians,you show us how to be Christian,how to "hear the word of God and keep it" (Luke 11:28).Help us to respond to God as you did,that His power work in us,that the Spirit form Christ in us,and that His mind, His heart, His will be ours.We ask this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

After Mass, 4 of us went to Chinatown for dinner. I loved the food I had at Ming's! Ryan and I were both surprised by how much I enjoyed it, haha. After Ming's was one of the coolest parts of the night - meeting Ruthie (author of The Itchy Scapular)! I had never met Ruthie in real life before. We met through a very strange series of occurences that I think goes from Youtube to Blogger to Youtube to Blogger to Youtube to Facebook, or some combination of that. Luckily, I wasn't catfished! Ryan and I had so much fun meeting Ruthie and hanging out with some of her hilarious army friends at a very TEXAN bar called Hill Country. It was just so great to meet someone whose blog I've read and whose statuses I have liked. Ruthie is just lovely and hope we can meet up again!

 Had to get a traditional pic with the beautiful Mother Teresa statue at the Basilica. I swear I have a third one from another visit floating around my computer somewhere.

Overall, I just have to say that it was a lovely time. I've made this comment before but it's the only way I can think to describe- I lost my voice and can barely hear out of either ear, but doing what I love with the one I love was beautiful & unforgettable.

Oh, p.s. turns out I have a double ear infection & I'm on antibiotics. the end.

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