Tuesday, August 09, 2011

in conclusion

 I had a great summer in DC at the National Right to Life Academy. Here's a summary in photos.

spending time with some wonderful ladies
and celebrating birthdays.
learning with some brilliant ladies
and finding time to smile during momentary frustrations.
Living with a crazy, awesome, Russian-Rhode Islander,
potential future Catholic provided for some unforgettable times.
Spending time with some of the brightest
people I have ever met.
Appreciating those who offer their time and wisdom to us.
We were a very blessed group of girls.
I felt emotionally overwhelmed at times this summer, but what
kept me sane was knowing my best friend was coming to visit me!
We got to celebrate his birthday together in DC.
Roger Stenson. He was definitely a highlight of my summer,
of ALL of our summers. We all wished he was our grandpa.
This picture is a perfect example of the friendships we formed this summer.
Great girls. I can't wait to see what great things they will do in this world.

Belittled Women

my latest piece for Human Life International is up today!
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) states that its mission is to promote health and opportunity for every man, woman, and child; it attempts to ensure that “every girl and woman [be] treated with dignity and respect.” As a woman, I will gladly stand behind an organization that empowers me, dignifies me, and acknowledges the rights that accompany my femininity and humanity.The UNFPA’s idea of empowerment, however, seems to be limited to the promotion of birth control, and its dignity to the avoidance of children through sterilization. Its acknowledgment of rights is applied narrowly to those women who are “wanted” or who happen to be outside of their mother’s womb. In taking this tack, the UNFPA is in reality accelerating the very discrimination against women and children that they are purportedly trying to alleviate.
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