Monday, June 24, 2013

summer 2013

What have I been up to this summer?

  • 40 hours a week of an unpaid internship
  • 3 hours of class every other week in San Marcos
  • Living at Ryan's parents' house in the extra bedroom
  • Lots of crafting
  • I started an Etsy shop
  • I became a Spurs fan!
  • Hanging out with Ryan when he isn't studying for the MCAT
  • Bought my first non-twin-size bed. Queen life.
  • Applying for millions of jobs
  • Pranking Kyle back and forth
  • I am hooked on sno-cones (Kyle happens to work there)
  • I am taking baby steps to rejuvenate my spiritual life
  • Said "see ya lata" to Fr. Brian, our wonderful Priest
  • Got asked to speak at a teen pro-life event next month
  • Convinced Ryan to try out yoga with me in the evenings (it's hilarious)
  • and I'm really just trying to rest as much as possible. TIRED!
Welp, we leave for MI for 5 days next week and I can't wait. That's it. Oh yeah, Ruby is the cutest thing ever still and she is crawling and standing up and almost walking. So advanced. 

my etsy shop!

bye Fr. Brian :(

Hello Cutie Ruby!



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