Sunday, June 12, 2011

legacies of love

Well, it is summer and as the year drew to a close, our Pro-Life club (Bobcats for Life) had an abundance of wonderful ideas and plans for this upcoming school year. I am so excited to already be planning events that will take place from August until January.

Dominika & I presenting on aborted
fetus disposal (with the help of
I spent the first week of June in Houston training with Texas Right to Life, a wonderful Pro-Life organization. Every summer they provide training for the students who are a part of their Generation Now scholarship program and it has been such a blessing. The training not only strengthens us, the students, as leaders on our campuses, but it gives us a whole new community of love, support, prayer, and such a great group of friends who can share in each others' frustrations and successes.

I feel so reenergized after training and hearing from some incredible speakers including a Catholic bioethicist and director of Human Life International of America, a Catholic anesthesiologist and mother, a woman conceived in rape, a woman whose mother tried to abort her in 1969 but survived the saline abortion, a public speaking expert, a post-abortive couple who have started an organization to help women who are post-abortive, a woman who was adopted and started an organization to promote adoption, a chiropractor whose wife and 2 of his children are adopted, a Pro-Life graphic designer, 2 beautiful ladies of the Texas Right to Life legislative team, a mother whose unborn child was diagnosed with Trisomy-18, and a man whose life was spared by a notorious abortionist.

Our group with a man whose life was spared by Dr. Tiller
One recurring idea that I found in some of the stories that were shared with us was legacies of love. The man whose life was spared by the abortionist later went on to be adopted by a loving family, meet a beautiful woman, and they now have 2 children of their own. Had he been aborted, not only would his own life have ended but his adoptive family, future wife, future children, and future grandchildren to come would have been deprived of their happiness and even their very own lives. Aborting a child is more than just ending one life, it is ending a legacy. Likewise, from the man whose wife and 2 children were adopted, imagine where he would be had the mothers of the people he loves the most had not chosen life. Adoption is a loving option and without it, where would this man be?

Just a little thought for now. Here's a few pictures of other events of the week!

Dominika and a sweet friend we made volunteering at a home for young people living with Autism

The girls crammed into a phone booth outside The Black Lab
My fellow Bobcat, Jonathan, and I with Elizabeth Graham
My sweet friend Dominika and I before the Scholarship Dinner

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