Wednesday, March 28, 2012

last statements

Somehow I just ended up on the Texas Department of Criminal Justice database that has all of the last statements of prisoners the state has executed. Wow. This is an infographic from GOOD that shows the most common words used in last statements:

This one was particularly interesting to me. These are the last words of a convicted rapist and murderer, Johnny Johnson:
The Polunsky dungeon should be compared with the Death Row Community as existing not living. Why do I say this, the Death Row is full of isolated hearts and suppressed minds. We are filled with love looking for affection and a way to understand. I am a Death Row resident of the Polunsky dungeon. Why does my heart ache. We want pleasure love and satisfaction. It. The walls of darkness crushed in on me. Life without meaning is life without purpose. But the solace within the Polunsky dungeon, the unforgivesness within society, the church Pastors and Christians. It is terrifying. Does anyone care or who I am. Can you feel me people. The Polunsky dungeon is what I call the pit of hopelessness. The terrfying thing is the US is the only place, country that is the only civilized country that is free that says it will stop murder and enable justice. I ask each of you to lift up your voices to demand an end to the Death Penalty. If we live, we live to the Lord. If we die we die to the Lord. Christ rose again, in Jesus name. Bye Aunt Helen, Luise, Joanna and to all the rest of yall. You may proceed Warden. (began singing)
WHEN WILL THE WORLD UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF MENTAL HEALTH? This man had a history of sexual assault and assault with a deadly weapon, but somehow releasing him into the real world without therapy and ongoing treatment was a good idea? No. Sentencing without treatment is only perpetuating crime.

I'm not making any claims to minimize the crimes committed by prisoners on death row, but it is not the state's place to kill in the name of justice. Just disgusting.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

emily adams

I forgot to post these pictures. I know that pro-life people are stereotypically just crazy baby lovers, and I hate to fulfill a stereotype.... but babies are great and I happen to have met Emily Adams this past week and I LOVE taking pictures of babies. Maybe it's because they can't talk so they can't get all mad and be like "ew, delete! I look like a whale!" I first met her when she was just a tiny wee little one in her mama's belly (my friend Ashley!), but now I got to HOLD her and take photos of her. Not going to get into sappy thoughts about how awesome it is that human beings can like give life to another human, literally they just grow inside them, like I'm sorry but COOL. Anyways, she's kind of cute. I mean... REALLY CUTE.

Before (in December):

After! Emily at 5 weeks old:

happy hour

I got back to my apartment from being home for spring break and I checked my mail and I had a copy of The Human Life Review waiting for me... and my writing was in it! That was such a nice feeling. I am now changing my name to Appendix F (Appendix for short). KIDDING! 

Now, my e-mail is down and the TX State website is down... so I can't catch up on e-mails or check on homework... darn! ;) Just had a nice hour long guidance session from Melissa at Texas Right to Life and she talked me through some issues Bobcats for Life has been having. Cool times!

It is also Sonic Happy Hour... so I'm going to go get my cherry limeade on and then read some articles by people that are way smarter than me and then I'm going to clean the rest of the apartment. Oh, spring break!

Friday, March 09, 2012


I really love rain. I also really hate driving in the rain, therefore I can't attend a conference tomorrow with some good pro-life friends from around the state. I'm bummed about it, but when it comes to driving I definitely err on the cautious side as much as I can... some might say too much, but better safe than sorry.

I had a test on Thursday, so of course while I was studying Wednesday night I found so many wonderful things online that were not related to my test at all. I don't want to count my eggs before they're hatched (or fertilized, LOL #prolifehumor), but I am praying with all of my heart that this opportunity I found works out. It's a scholarship specifically for women who chose life for their children... and I know just the perfect angel for this scholarship. I e-mailed her about it and she is so hopeful and so excited to apply. She said "it would be a dream come true!!!" Lord, please help her with the essay portion!!! and bless her abundantly, because she sure does need it. Twin babies and a 3 year old. 1 baby has the croup, 1 has a fever and cough, and the other has a cough. All have runny noses... aka snotty sick babies everywhere. Poor babies.

I want her to win this so badly. Blog follower(s), please send a positive thought toward this sweet mother. If you believe in a higher power, please ask for blessing. If you are Catholic, please ask for the intercession of Our Heavenly Mother and St. Jude.

P.S. Overall, I am just really happy... in case anyone was wondering. :)

my man, Our Lady, & me

Friday, March 02, 2012


just drank tea because my throat is killing me. I rarely drink tea but I have these mugs that I love and they have teacups on them... and I feel like a poser because of how much I love teacups but avoid tea. making changes, drinking tea, curing sore throat... and reading Rumi poetry. highlights:

Just because you can't drink all that falls
doesn't mean you give up taking sips
of rainwater. If the nut
of the mystery can't be held,
at least let me touch the shell.

Dance, when you’re broken open.

Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off.

Dance in the middle of the fighting.

Dance in your blood.

Dance, when you’re perfectly free.  

When I am with you, we stay up all night. 
When you're not here, I can't go to sleep. 
Praise God for those two insomnias! 
And the difference between them.

what love is

For Christmas, Bobcats for Life adopted a PRC client's family and provided gifts and diapers. We were so taken by the mother that we offered to throw a birthday party for her twin babies. Well, that day finally arrived and it was so amazing to meet the little ones whose names we wrote on the to-and-from tags last semester. Hearing about the struggles this family faces makes my heart ache, but I am happy knowing that we have helped them in some way. When I see the last picture on this blog post (a picture of my friend Elise holding one of the twins) I just think: this is what love is. So grateful for this opportunity to love. Makes me want to do direct social work practice someday, but we'll see. 

this is love 

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