Monday, August 22, 2011

whelmed (so obvi it's a good time to blog)

I'm not overwhelmed necessarily because that sounds negative, but I'm at least "whelmed" or something...

Taking a break for nutrition, hydration, and apparently a quick blog post.

This is my day so far:

  1. Woke up at 7, laundry party!
  2. Worked on Bobcats for Life display 
  3. Worked on article
  4. Sat on the floor and looked at the ceiling while wondering how I've been so productive and it isn't even 10:00
  5. Glued display together
This is the rest of my day:
  1. Continue working on display
  2. Continue working on article, hopefully finishing (EMAIL ME BACK, INTERVIEWEE!)
  3. Conduct Bobcats for Life meeting at my apartment at 2
  4. Plan like 5 events with B4L leaders
  5. Make cookies for tonight's orientation
  6. Head to CSC for new student orientation at 5 for B4L table set up
  7. New student orientation at 5:30
  8. Recruit thousands of new members!
  9. Clean up
  10. Meet with music staffhead for Awakening
  11. Bobcat Awakening meeting at 7:30
  12. Go home at 9
HOW IS THIS ALL GOING TO HAPPEN?! I am just so grateful that I didn't end up working today. Praise the Lord, forreal.

display in the making

sifting through this = makes me love doing my learning on a computer

my pro-life craft mess

peace & hope.

wall collage

break is over. Lord, help me!

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