Saturday, April 20, 2013

hopes for the future

To my future children,

I hope you never have to live in a world filled with fear. I hope you can run and you can dance and you can participate with no consequence for your innocence. I hope you feel safe at home and that your home is the world. I hope you see a time when different cultures start conversations, not wars. I hope that basic rights are given to all, but if not, that you see to it that they are. I hope you feed the hungry, but I hope more that there is no more hunger. I hope that peace isn't a dream for you. I hope you can have that "tucked into bed" feeling of safety when you're in a crowd, when you're alone, and when it's dark outside. I hope you are delicate and strong; I hope you are breakable, but no one would break you. I hope you don't have to find yourself drowning beneath your covers from the world's intolerance and hate. I hope I can start making life better for you today.

-your future mother

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