Saturday, April 21, 2012

earth day

although I believe human rights should be a higher priority than the rights of a tree, I acknowledge that the earth is a gift from God and is to be respected as such... and I love nature. Just went through my "spring 2010" album of pictures and realized I got to spend a lot of time outside. These are some pictures (many CLEARLY edited, but whatever) that show why I love nature.

Friday, April 20, 2012

i am happy

It is 11:30 on a Friday morning.
I just did 2 homework assignments.
Ryan is currently doing his first (of a million) med school related interviews.
I have pink roses on my desk from our anniversary.
It is a beautiful day.
I am about to go to Austin.
I am happy.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

timeline of love

as a beautiful series of events has just come to a close, I felt an entry was needed to document how amazing God is and how crazy perfect His plans are. It all started with an angry pro-choice poster and it ended with 500 people applauding a brave woman.

- discovered a poster on campus promoting a protest outside of an Austin PRC's fundraising dinner. (as seen at right... I found the flyer on Facebook later)
- Sarah G called the PRC and warned them.
- the PRC director, Lori, was grateful for the heads up (the protest ended up being a flop).

- Lori came all the way to San Marcos to our next meeting and shared stories.
- we asked if we might adopt a family of one of her clients for Christmas.

- we were matched with Margaret's family.
- we all donated toys, clothes, diapers for the baby twins and 3 year old.
- as a group, we wrapped and decorated all of the gifts
- about 12 of us drove to Austin to deliver the gifts to Margaret at the PRC
- we met one of the most grateful women ever. Margaret shared her life story with us.
- the idea of throwing a 1st birthday party for Margaret's twins was thrown out there.
- Margaret's kids had an amazing (<-link to more pictures) Christmas.

- planning stage for the twins' birthday party.
- keeping in touch with Margaret.

- 4 of us drove to Austin to have a birthday party (<- link to more pictures) for Lolo & Margarita.
- we had an awesome time.
- 3 year old Rosa loved the bubbles we brought her.
- Lolo loved the cupcakes.
- the following week, I sent Margaret an application for a scholarship I found online for a mother who had chosen life for her children.
- over spring break, we emailed daily getting all of her application requirements taken care of.
- in less than a week, Margaret had everything turned in.

- after a very rough week, Margaret received some beautiful news.
- she received notification that she won the scholarship!
- Margaret & family attended a beautiful gala to receive the scholarship.
- after reading her application essay to the 500 people present, Margaret received a standing ovation. (I wish I had a picture)
- oh yeah, and Ryan & I got to babysit the babies during the gala (so fun).

This whole journey has been so beautiful. It has been such a blessing to be with Margaret through this. I haven't happy cried so much in my life as I have as a result of spontaneous blessings she received during the past 4 months. Granted, there were downs too... but the ups, oh the ups were so incredible.

It all started with an angry pro-choice poster hanging up on a bulletin board in the philosophy building that I passed by while delivering mail. The Lord works in mysterious (and super weird) ways.

These little faces are just too great.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

i am so happy

i have written before about margaret. i am in a hurry to cook with my main squeeze so i can't get into too many details now, but so much has happened in the past week... and never before have i seen beauty come from ashes so quickly. i will write more about it later. i was brought to happy tears in public last night over this.

i am amazed at how, in times of another's suffering, one can become wise. i found myself speaking words that were not my own many times this past week. i am so grateful for the way the spirit can flow through so quietly and gently that it is almost undetectable.

talking to margaret yesterday, providentially Good Friday, i heard myself guiding her but i was really teaching myself. she has gone through so much this week- so much - and the Spirit taught me this through my words to her:

you are suffering, my child, at a time when I suffered under the weight of the Cross. do not fear, for as I died for you I overcame the world. I died and rose again, so shall you suffer and rise from the ashes of your broken heart. 

never really felt so urged to share something like that with someone, but it was nice.

i'll write later about the incredibly beautiful wonderful great awesome thing that i am just thinking and thinking and praising God about.

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