Sunday, March 24, 2013

Life is Busy

Life update:

I just got back from spring break in Cancun with Ryan's family. Nice vacation! It's been 4 years since I finished up 5 years of Spanish, but I realized I retained way more than expected. It was really fun to talk with the resort staff and get to know the bartenders and talk with them in Spanish. I read Silver Linings Playbook on the beach in 2 days. It was great. Spending so much time with RG was great, too!

I got to take some pictures of this 6 month old bundle of beauty in the bluebonnets yesterday. She is the sweetest.

life is just happening so fast. Friends are graduating, getting engaged, getting married, planning to have babies, having babies, and every other life change just left and right. Ryan graduates in 46 days. I start my summer internship in 49 days - or less. I graduate with my Bachelor of Social Work degree in 137 days. Life is just coming up fast and I have no idea what I will be doing in 138 days. Worried? No. Stressed? YES. Will holding Ruby for half an hour make the stress go away? absolutely.

Anyways, I keep having really existential moments with myself while I'm on my mail route (you know I'm a mail man, right?) and one of these days I will start writing like an actual pro-life blogger on here again. I am sad when I try to look back on my old journals or this blog and find a big gap without any entries. How am I supposed to remember what April 2011 was like if there are no pictures or rants to reflect on? Ya know? So hopefully soon, between papers and finals and baby showers and weddings and bridal showers and figuring out what the hell I'll be doing and where the hell I'll be living come August 9, I will give my future self something to look back on.

Quick pro-life blurb: Bobcats For Life distributed 1,200 cupcakes on campus last week for Down Syndrome Awareness Day. So proud. Admittedly, it is nice to be out of a leadership position. Hadn't really experienced an event without responsibility yet, and I'm not going to lie... it was nice. This picture is of the 3 wonderful women who are running Bobcats For Life now (plus Kyle, my boyfriend's little brother/B4L treasurer!). I am already blown away by their work! They are as passionate as they are fashionable (as you can tell from this picture, they totes are.).

Oh and p.s. I'm doing okay since my last post about Mimi. It's been hard but I have been healthy. Since Mimi's passing, I have been trained as a hospice volunteer. Feels like a really cyclical way to give back to her, though she was fortunate enough to never need hospice services. She was such a fortunate lady. Miss her everyday. Not going to start thinking/writing about her because I'm done crying for the day (after Fr. Brian announced he was being reassigned! TEARS IN MASS.). A little disappointed in myself for not keeping up with my Mimi Memories blog as much as I'd hoped. I think I have, on some level, tried not to think about her as much as I am naturally inclined to because, well, it was just really hard for a while. Hope that as the healing process continues I will begin posting those memories again - for my own sake and the sake of my children one day so they can know more about this classy lady that I will always tell them about.

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