Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My sickness has reduced to a mere case of the sniffles & sneezles!
I spent over an hour going through my agenda and syllabi (syllabii? syllabuses?) and tried to get myself organized and I think I succeeded.
Advice: You may think that cramming all 4 of your classes back to back on the same day is a good idea... guess what... it isn't! I have 3 tests in one day twice this semester and a few days with 4 assignments due. All I can say to that is LOL!!!!!!!! It's going to be an interesting semester to say the least.

Oh btw... have I mentioned the beautiful paper that which is known as the Bobcats for Life sign in from this week's meeting? I haven't? Oh, well, then I guess you wouldn't know that we filled up the regular chairs at the table, filled up the rando chairs around the room, busted out extra chairs out of the conference room closet, borrowed a couple more chairs from a different room, and then we had people sitting on the floor. I was sweating like crazy because of all the body heat and the small room and lack of ventilation, but I loved it! We had somewhere around 40ish people show up. I was expecting 12. WOW, OKAY! And at least half of them said it was their first meeting; at least a fourth of them were people whose names I didn't know (a few familiar faces). Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Only said that because I love that song... but forreal!

Here's a fun little video featuring 2 things I love: that song & ASL! <3


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