Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 8: Quick Joy

This will be very brief but 3 blessings received in the past 48 hours are:

1. 13 people came to our Pro-Life meeting yesterday! and I know that more would've come if there weren't another evening activity at the Church. 13 is incredible.

2. A girl just told me that she will be taking off work on Monday nights to make our meetings. WOW!

3. Got a text from a guy today saying he met a girl who wants to be involved with our club so he got her information. WOW!

Day 7: Blooming

I never wrote about another one of my Sunday highlights, but it was so wonderful.

I met a new friend this year, under very fate-y circumstances, and she has become very involved with our Pro-Life club, doing everything she can and coming to every meeting. She has been such a blessing this year and I've seen how her heart has been changed just in the past month or two through her knowledge of Pro-Life issues.

Anyways, she came over to my apartment Sunday to ask me 2 questions. I was worried something was wrong, but fortunately I wasn't right about that.

The first question she had was "What do they do with the babies after they abort them?" so we got to internet searching for answers (which by the way was quite difficult) and her second question made my weekend. She asked "When is the next Sidewalk Counselor training?" I was SO happy. We'd talked about Sidewalk Counseling the week before and how we weren't really sure if either of us had been called to do that yet, but the fact that in such a short amount of time she has become so impassioned about this and so eager to do more and more just made my heart swell.

Pro-Lifers around here are springing up like daisies! :)

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