Friday, April 26, 2013

Grad School!

I was accepted to the Masters of Social Work program at TX State on Tuesday. Really happy! I honestly didn't think I would get in, not sure why.

I will graduate with my Bachelors of Social Work on August 9, 2013 and my Masters of Social Work in August 2014. Wow. Not long til I'm Sarah Ryan, LMSW. So crazy.

It feels SO amazing to have plans for the fall. This whole year has just been a guessing, waiting, hoping, praying, and wondering game. The sense of relief I had upon reading my acceptance e-mail Tuesday night was overwhelming.

I just have 1 paper and 3 finals left until I'll be done with this semester and onto my internship this summer at an agency for foster children ages 0-22. Then I'll officially be done with undergrad.

My experiences in Bobcats For Life the past 4 years and other pro-life activities have been so beneficial to my development as a culturally competent and compassionate social work student. Very grateful for all of the learning opportunities I have been granted through pro-life involvement.



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