Thursday, August 25, 2011

aint it funny how time slips away?

14 = hours I've spent on Bobcats for Life this week
3 = hours I will spend on Bobcats for Life tomorrow

15= hours of class I have on my schedule
12 = hours I will have after I drop my 5th class... 5 classes in one day... not a good idea.

50 = hours of B4L work a semester I must complete for TX Right to Life
50 = hours of volunteer work I must complete this semester at an agency for my Social Work class

12 = hours I work on campus per week
8 = hours until I wake up for work

2 = hours I spent watching The Office with Ryan yesterday
0 = hours I should have spent watching The Office with Ryan yesterday

Today I tried to do some math and figure out how many hours of my week are "free" a.k.a. empty for studying, napping, having a healthy relationship, etc. It's really not too bad, like it could be worse, but it's definitely a lower number of "free" hours than I've seen before... and that still isn't counting everything that is important to me that I have prioritized (lately, very poorly) into my schedule. If it weren't for journaling and the occasional therapeutic rant on this blog, I would probably lose my mind. I got a nap in earlier so now, at 10:45, I'm going to chug some Coke Zero (sidenote: "chug" is an awful word) and try and finally knock out this task that I have been somehow only touching the surface of for a week now.

I need to make a priorities chart. I also need to cancel Netflix so I'll stop watching The Office.


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