Tuesday, November 15, 2011

taking a break

much like Ross & Rachel in the early years of "Friends," I am taking a break. from this blog. Probably not for too long... but at least until my heart conquers my anger.

The thoughts bouncing around in my head right now -- sadly regarding the Pro-Life movement and certain supposedly well meaning folks with a love for slanderous conversation -- do the opposite of what I intend to do on here: approach everything in life with love.

How does one approach a lie with love? Particularly when the lie is rooted in alleged "truth." Granted, I have my opinions on the strategies of certain Pro-Life organizations, but never would I ever vehemently tear down the efforts of a strong campus Pro-Life org that are not even based on fact. Is that what area Pro-Life leadership has come down to? Let's talk bad about the rest of the orgs so that ours will shine. Is that the mantra these days?

I'm getting hateful, so I'm going to go.

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