Saturday, March 17, 2012

emily adams

I forgot to post these pictures. I know that pro-life people are stereotypically just crazy baby lovers, and I hate to fulfill a stereotype.... but babies are great and I happen to have met Emily Adams this past week and I LOVE taking pictures of babies. Maybe it's because they can't talk so they can't get all mad and be like "ew, delete! I look like a whale!" I first met her when she was just a tiny wee little one in her mama's belly (my friend Ashley!), but now I got to HOLD her and take photos of her. Not going to get into sappy thoughts about how awesome it is that human beings can like give life to another human, literally they just grow inside them, like I'm sorry but COOL. Anyways, she's kind of cute. I mean... REALLY CUTE.

Before (in December):

After! Emily at 5 weeks old:



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