Friday, March 09, 2012


I really love rain. I also really hate driving in the rain, therefore I can't attend a conference tomorrow with some good pro-life friends from around the state. I'm bummed about it, but when it comes to driving I definitely err on the cautious side as much as I can... some might say too much, but better safe than sorry.

I had a test on Thursday, so of course while I was studying Wednesday night I found so many wonderful things online that were not related to my test at all. I don't want to count my eggs before they're hatched (or fertilized, LOL #prolifehumor), but I am praying with all of my heart that this opportunity I found works out. It's a scholarship specifically for women who chose life for their children... and I know just the perfect angel for this scholarship. I e-mailed her about it and she is so hopeful and so excited to apply. She said "it would be a dream come true!!!" Lord, please help her with the essay portion!!! and bless her abundantly, because she sure does need it. Twin babies and a 3 year old. 1 baby has the croup, 1 has a fever and cough, and the other has a cough. All have runny noses... aka snotty sick babies everywhere. Poor babies.

I want her to win this so badly. Blog follower(s), please send a positive thought toward this sweet mother. If you believe in a higher power, please ask for blessing. If you are Catholic, please ask for the intercession of Our Heavenly Mother and St. Jude.

P.S. Overall, I am just really happy... in case anyone was wondering. :)

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