Tuesday, April 17, 2012

timeline of love

as a beautiful series of events has just come to a close, I felt an entry was needed to document how amazing God is and how crazy perfect His plans are. It all started with an angry pro-choice poster and it ended with 500 people applauding a brave woman.

- discovered a poster on campus promoting a protest outside of an Austin PRC's fundraising dinner. (as seen at right... I found the flyer on Facebook later)
- Sarah G called the PRC and warned them.
- the PRC director, Lori, was grateful for the heads up (the protest ended up being a flop).

- Lori came all the way to San Marcos to our next meeting and shared stories.
- we asked if we might adopt a family of one of her clients for Christmas.

- we were matched with Margaret's family.
- we all donated toys, clothes, diapers for the baby twins and 3 year old.
- as a group, we wrapped and decorated all of the gifts
- about 12 of us drove to Austin to deliver the gifts to Margaret at the PRC
- we met one of the most grateful women ever. Margaret shared her life story with us.
- the idea of throwing a 1st birthday party for Margaret's twins was thrown out there.
- Margaret's kids had an amazing (<-link to more pictures) Christmas.

- planning stage for the twins' birthday party.
- keeping in touch with Margaret.

- 4 of us drove to Austin to have a birthday party (<- link to more pictures) for Lolo & Margarita.
- we had an awesome time.
- 3 year old Rosa loved the bubbles we brought her.
- Lolo loved the cupcakes.
- the following week, I sent Margaret an application for a scholarship I found online for a mother who had chosen life for her children.
- over spring break, we emailed daily getting all of her application requirements taken care of.
- in less than a week, Margaret had everything turned in.

- after a very rough week, Margaret received some beautiful news.
- she received notification that she won the scholarship!
- Margaret & family attended a beautiful gala to receive the scholarship.
- after reading her application essay to the 500 people present, Margaret received a standing ovation. (I wish I had a picture)
- oh yeah, and Ryan & I got to babysit the babies during the gala (so fun).

This whole journey has been so beautiful. It has been such a blessing to be with Margaret through this. I haven't happy cried so much in my life as I have as a result of spontaneous blessings she received during the past 4 months. Granted, there were downs too... but the ups, oh the ups were so incredible.

It all started with an angry pro-choice poster hanging up on a bulletin board in the philosophy building that I passed by while delivering mail. The Lord works in mysterious (and super weird) ways.

These little faces are just too great.



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