Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 1: Apathy

I'm finding myself disheartened in a new way recently. In the past, it has been the ignorance of the truth that brought me down in the battle for Life- those misinformed folks who cannot see the life in the eyes of the unborn child, who are deaf to the beats of the little hearts in ultrasound exams- but now my strength is being tested by an unexpected evil: apathy.

I consider it a blessing, although at times it feels almost like a curse, to have become aware of the tragedies and the injustices facing the unborn when I did; the sooner one becomes aware of a problem, the more time one has to correct it. However, I've found that the "informed" members of my generation of young adults - who are so quick to become impassioned about environmental matters, or the "green" movement - prefer laziness and ease to awareness and attaining justice.

Studies claim that college campuses are becoming increasingly Pro-Life, which is wonderful, but this change in Life ideologies is occuring through a checkmark in a box on a survey when it should be occuring through a stirring in the depths of one's heart. If our hearts are not ignited for Life, if we do not burn with desire to end the killing and end the injustices towards the unborn, the mothers, the fathers- then what are we doing with our beliefs and our awareness? We are simply taking the responsibility that comes with this knowledge and ignoring it. While abortionists are taking these tiny children, these little glimpses of God, and, as if they were candles, blowing them out before they can even show their light to the world- we are taking the embers of a revolution and extinguishing them before they can grow to a flame which can, aided by a gust of truth & increased awareness, grow and grow until it has completely consumed and destroyed this death-accepting society we are living in. It just takes one bit of the truth, one bit of responsibility, one moment to accept the responsibility of what we have been revealed, one moment for us to each accept God's calling through each revelation. When we actively pursue the truth about abortion we are accepting the challenge to do whatever we can to put an end to the killings.

As of lately, apathy is the greatest evil I am facing in my daily battle for Life. It is everywhere- it is in our Pro-Life clubs, it is in our movement, as well as outside of the movement - as one could expect. We must not allow ourselves to fall into the apathetic trap that our busy schedules, homework, or other distractions present for us. We must make Life not just a priority, but the priority. I can think of about 50 million people who would tell you that this fight is worth it- but unfortunately, they were not granted their right to be born, they were never allowed to speak up and ask for someone to fight for them.



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