Wednesday, January 25, 2012

met a pro-life former state rep today!

I made 3 signs today in preparation for the TX Rally for Life on Saturday. Hollllaaaa!

Also, awesomeness this morning when a conservative former state representative, Arlene Wohlgemuth, came to my Social Work Policy class. My teacher had warned the class ahead of time that the speaker would be sooooo opposite what we believe -- because apparently everyone in a class believes the same thing -- and just gave us a heads up that a conservative woman would be speaking to us. Turns out, she was awesome. Although she shared a few different opinions that the majority of the class, she communicated so well that it was a really friendly discussion.

Of course, secretly I wanted pro-life issues to come up the whole time... and then, like clockwork, the minute that class was over- someone asked a question ("How did it make you feel when Texas Monthly named you the Worst of the Worst?") which led to her talking about her awesome pro-life work, or as my classmates might call it, "her anti-choice destruction of women's rights. That very last minute just made my day. I went to shake her hand afterwards and thank her for her pro-life work and ended up discovering that I have random pro-life mutual friends with my liberal sweet professor. LOL. Trying to figure this teacher out.

Seriously though, now I'm googleing Wohlgemuth and realizing.... wow. I wish she could've spoken the whole class about the policy changes she has seen in the pro-life realm of Texas. Maybe a future Bobcats for Life speaker?!?!?!? Say whaaat?!!! E-mailing her in 3... 2... 1...



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