Sunday, November 13, 2011

Charm & I

Charm & I have something in common- we are both deceptive. I deceived myself on November 4 when I claimed to have gotten my act together and would be on top of things.

I went home this weekend. That was nice.

Got a phone call while enjoying a morning taking in the scent of Anthropologie. My friend called to let me know that after praying at an abortion facility, he went inside to use the restroom (or maybe that was just his excuse? not sure.) and he said there were girls lined up against a wall. Most on the verge of tears, some past that point already. Just another day in the life of a Pro-Life advocate? "Hey what's up?" "Not much just went into PP to pee." Hashtag what?

Got a phone call driving back to San Marcos this afternoon from a friend who needed info about worldwide access to birth control and, ten minutes of rambling about UNFPA later, I was surprised by the things I'd said. I didn't realize I knew that much.

Also, I'm getting into a bad habit of verbally hastagging things...

This entry is pointless but I have something else to say so I'm publishing this so I can start fresh.



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