Thursday, August 18, 2011

home: a place so sweet only Michael Buble should sing of it.

This summer of transitions has finally ended.
San Marcos->Dallas->Austin->Dallas->Houston->Dallas->Jacksonville->DC->Dallas->Austin->San Marcos.

corner of my room.
paper hearts!
If I hear the sound of suitcase wheels or see another Hudson News sign I just might go crazy. Living out of a suitcase isn't fun. I tried to make Houston, Jacksonville, and DC feel like home by unpacking into dressers and closets, but by the time the clothing was folded or hung was time to refold and roll away. I've discovered a way of knowing you are in a home environment: milk. There was never a time this summer when I had access to a personal fridge and a grocery store that was accessible by a vehicle (not by foot... sorry Trader Joe's, I still love ya.) so I never bought milk because I hated carrying it across town. Now, here I am in my homey apartment with my very own bed and my very own fridge... ironically I have yet to buy milk since my roommate has a gallon in there and sharing is caring... but I finally feel like I am in a home environment.

I have unpacked all my resources from this summer's pro-life endeavors and I can hardly believe how many binders, papers, stickers, and brochures I have accumulated over the past few months... it is wild. I'm looking forward to sorting through all the loose papers and filing them in their proper divider! Ha ha ha...

I have many thoughts and blessings to share but it is late right now. Tomorrow I have a craft project I'm looking forward to as a reminder of defending LIFE for my room. Excited! I <3modge podge.

wall of my room. made this today out of twine, paper, and tape!



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