Sunday, March 27, 2011

worth the blister

Aside from getting super stressed out beforehand, both our Pro-Life activities went well this weekend!

we got roses- haaaay!

Friday, we had a BloodMoney movie showing at the church and over 20 people attended! We had pizza and set up couches and comfy chairs and a projector and it was a great night. I think a lot of people were really taken aback by the corruption of the abortion industry. It definitely impacted people. I highly recommend this documentary!

Saturday, 17 of us attended the Diocese of Austin Pro-Life Gala and, although it was very frustrating as students kept backing out and then flaking and then recommitting and then backing out, it ended up working out! We got to hear from Sally Winn from Feminists for Life which was a really awesome opportunity. I really enjoyed the message she had to share with us about the roots of Feminism and what it really means to be a Feminist.

 We left to volunteer at 10 in the morning (had a few errands to do before) and didn't get home until 11 at night, so it was a long day. 7 of those hours were spent in my 2nd favorite pair of heels and, although I love being tall and wearing those shoes, my feet were acheing like cray cray by the end of the night. Now, I have a giant blister on my toe... but it was totally worth it.  

some of us with Bishop Joe at the Diocese of Austin Pro-Life Gala



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