Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 5: Yellow Rope

Taylor at the Rally for Life Last year.
So much joy that day!
Ella Wheeler Wilcox, my favorite poet, has struck a chord in my heart once again - which doesn't really come as a surprise. This morning I went to pray at the mill and there were so many people there, I'd bet 15 at one point, and it gives me so much hope. It's strange to stare at the yellow rope 40 Days for Life has set out to mark the line between public and private property because on one side, the mill, there is so much sadness and darkness and death, and then on the public side, where we stand, there is prayer and dedication, love and hope. I feel so blessed to be on this side of the yellow line, but more than anything I wish the rope would disappear and the barrier between the love that we, as Pro-Lifers, have to share could overflow onto the private property, into the hearts of those conflicted young mothers.

This is one stanza from the poem "The Creed to Be" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox:
And clearer, sweeter, day by day,
Its mandate echoes from the skies,
Go roll the stone of self away,
And let the Christ within thee rise.

If we truly want to make a change, we must roll the stones of self away and work to strip our world of the "yellow ropes" that separate the darkness from the light, the hope. It is in reaching in little ways that we can bring down the wall between Life and death. It is in taking this movement person by person, woman by woman, father by father, and especially child by child that we will be able to overcome the Culture of Death.



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